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Unveiling the True Value of Expert Moving Support

I don't see it as often now that I have built up my companies reputation, but back in the day when I would hunt for moves through any of the home service market place middle-men I would find myself in a race to the bottom. Everyone was trying to make their prices cheaper than the next guys. What does that truly entail? Low quality materials. Underpaid staff. Cutting corners wherever possible.

I've experienced the result of this corner cutting first and second hand. All too often we will open up a storage unit to see an absolute pile of items that seem to have been thrown in by the previous local movers. No concern for space available, weight distribution, and worst of all: no furniture pads left on anything.

What you want out of your moving company is for them to send out guys who have been with them for 2+ years, make $22-$30/hour, and have experience in properly padding and wrapping furniture top to bottom; guys who are strong enough to carry your 4 seater sofa down your spiral staircase yet diligent enough to keep the walls free of scuffs on the way.

A mover his weight in gold

You want those guys to be sent out to you with quality equipment and supplies: link to post on quality equipment and supplies.

As always, I'll add a button linked to my personal instagram page for those who want to know a little more about the guy running and growing Wise Choice Relocation Services.

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